A Study Set will include large ¼” scale floor plans and elevations of all four sides of the home.  Study Sets are intended to help clients understand room sizes, house layout, and the exterior character of the home before committing to purchase a full set of plans. It is a very helpful tool if you are leaning toward a design but want more details before purchasing a full set of plans.  If you purchase a Study Set, we will credit the cost of that toward your purchase of the construction set.  The Study Set comes as a PDF file, which you can have printed at your local print shop.  See our sample Study Set to understand what is included.

Full plan sets include everything the home builder needs for construction.  Plans include a foundation plan, all floor plans, elevations, building sections, roof framing plans, and electrical plans.  Purchasing a full set of plans gives you a license to build the home once.  Remember, our plans have been drawn to meet local building codes at the time that they were drawn.  We recommend seeking the consult of an architect or engineer in your area to make sure our plans will meet your local building codes.  Full plans sets can come printed or as a PDF file.

Please refer to our Buyer’s Guide for more information

While we are located in Central Virginia, our plans have been purchased all over the United States! Check out the map on our About Us page to see all of our clients’ locations.